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Energy Savings Agreements

Save Money and Improve Comfort
Worry-Free Maintenance Program

Maintain total home wellness and save money. Your home is the most valuable investment you own and it’s where your family spends the most time. Save money in both the short and long term and keep your home safe, healthy, and comfortable with our preventative maintenance service. Let us worry about your home so you don’t have to.

What sets us apart is our technology.  Utilizing HomeAdviceTM, a state-of-the-art test from an independent 3rd party, we analyze the air in your home and identify problems that would be impossible to otherwise see.  Our trained experts can then address any situations before they turn into serious problems.  This is just one of the many benefits of our program.

Worry-Free Maintenance Program Benefits

Lower utility bills
By maintaining the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, and by identifying ways for you to reduce energy consumption, we can help to reduce the amount you pay on utility bills.

Keep a safe and healthy home environment
Through regular assessment of the levels of carbon dioxide, dust, chemicals and odors, and carbon monoxide, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your whole home is healthy.  

Avoid high-cost repairs
When your equipment is regularly maintained, it greatly reduces the odds that you will have a major problem that needs repair.

Extend equipment life
Heating and air conditioning equipment is an investment.  With proper maintenance, it will operate for a longer period of time, postponing the expense of investing in new equipment.    


Did you know…

Over 75% of costly furnace and air conditioning repairs
are due to lack of maintenance

Just a fraction of an inch of dirt or film on equipment coils can reduce their efficiency
by 5%
Typical heating and a/c systems account for 50% of a home’s total energy usage

True Fix Blue Ribbon Maintenance Programs
Gold or Silver Package


Fewer Repairs 
Lower energy costs
Equipment will last longer
Improved capacity 
 Discount on repairs

Priority Customer
Agreement is transferrable   
Inflation protection
Emergency Services


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